Do i really need SSL ?

Two words….

‘Customer confidence’

An  SSL certificate is a mechanism to encrypt or scramble the data being transmitted between your site and your customers browser. The customer will probably be trying to buy goods and services from you and are highly unlikely to type in credit card numbers or bank account details if there is even the slightest possibility that they can be highjacked from your site.

An SSL certificate is commonly confirmed on a website by either a green bar or a padlock symbol in the navigation bar of your browser. You are probably used to typing an address with https:// or the sites address changing from to The ‘s’ in https is for ‘secure’.

Don’t go shopping without it !

So, simply, if you are going to sell products or services….get an SSL certificate !!

Now there are many providers of SSL certificates. We do not promote one over another. Probably your best approach is to search for “cheap SSL certificates” in your browser.

If the whole concept of SSL is starting to make your brain hurt….give us a call and we can provide some support or even organise it all for you.

It is 2018, identity fraud is rife ! Give your customers confidence…


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