Verbal communication is not dead

I have recently been involved with a new company to get a logo designed. A simple thing but requiring a good brief and then a solid review / change process.

The experience has not been ideal.

Now…before we go any further. This is NOT a name and shame. Rather an experience to help us understand that there is more to a digital online presence than just an email account.

Make yourself a cuppa and spend 10 minutes on a random surf and see just how many sites and companies do not clearly advertise a contact telephone number.

  • Because they don’t want to be bothered by customers ?
  • Because email should be enough ?
  • Because the business/brand or supplier does not want to divulge their home phone number ?

I had to delay a site going live because this logo was not complete after almost 17 days. The development cycle got bogged down in an email frenzy where the development points were not being read and understood correctly. 17 days, 23 emails and a bucket load of frustration.

It was at this point that I asked the account manager to call me. However,  the emails continued….the designs getting further away from the brief. After 3 requests for communication I had to make a stand and communicate that the service was not as advertised and consequently I would not be paying for or continuing the process until I got what I had requested. A phone call !

The whole problem was resolved in a 4 minute telephone conversation. Both parties had full understanding and were happy with the outcome. The process was then completed that same day….allowing the design company to move on with another paying customer.

Now…. I do understand that emails provide a black and white trail for the development cycle. I also understand that email and ticketing systems are productive. And yes, I understand that there is a trend away from talking to your customers.

But I believe in every business there will come a time when somebody will need to speak with you. They are your customers ! They are the reason we are all in business. Speak to them, keep them happy, keep them coming back and most importantly make them your ambassadors. If they are happy, they will tell their friends  / peers / colleagues.

Now, i hear you asking… “How do I do this without buying an expensive phone service.”

VoIP Phone

Get a VoIP (Voice over IP) service on a smart phone app. They all generally come with voicemail. And you can turn them off after business hours.

Please visit my Contact page. I will happily steer you in the right direction for voip services and how to advertise them on your site. As you will see, people can contact me at my Brisbane office from 4 locations around the world all coming in on the one phone. Brilliant !!

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