Ensuring customer satisfaction right to the end of the sale.


You have captured a customer, enticed them into your shop and sold them one of your fabulous range of products. You then ensured prompt postage and communication with the customer to show you were a fast supplier.

The product was wrapped in bubble paper or popped in a box and shipped off.

Well… this is a great start but makes you the same as every other online shopping experience. More and more people are experiencing the ‘Amazon phenomenon’ and are quite used to receiving that familiar brown box with their ‘goodies’ inside. But…here is where the experience ends. OK ! Thanks for my stuff.

As internet sales continue to spiral we have to set ourselves apart from ‘all the other suppliers’. The way to do this is in the unwrapping experience. Make you delivery more exciting. Give you customers something to tell their friends about. Increase your customer base through positive word of mouth. Everybody loves to unwrap something they have been waiting for and not just rip open the tab on the cardboard box.

How can we do this ?

  • Wrap the final product in an appropriate wrapper
    • be eco conscious. The last thing you want to do is upset the green movement.
      • recycled brown paper and tie with seagrass.
      • recycled tissue paper
    • make the wrapping attractive so that the customer stops for a moment to admire the extra effort you have put in.
  • Include a promo item
    • Labeled pens
    • postcards
    • bumper stickers
    • Shot glass
    • The options here are endless
  • Add and item from a complimentary supplier. ie build your business through other online suppliers and support their growth.
  • A small sweet or chocolate never goes astray 😉
  • Loyalty cards
    • Buy x number of items and get y for free. But be sure to tracj this and send out the promo item PROMPTLY.
      • Email regularly to those that have a loyalty card and are working towards fulfillment.
    • ie A sweet / cookie provider might include a loyalty program to get a free storage jar. However, the storage jar should be something attractive and desirable.

And it goes without saying, if there is a customer complaint or expectation you should action this with the utmost priority. Give your customer a reason to comment on your exceptional service even when the reason for the complaint may not be a result of your sales process.

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