Your web site is basically a tool. Is it an effective tool ?

Do you have clear goals for your web site ? An understanding of exactly what you would like your web site to deliver ?

Have a look at each page of your site. Try to look at it from your customers perspective. Is it painfully clear to your visitors what the intention of that page is ? Buy something, learn something, do something ??

Ensure each page has an obvious focus. I have remembered for many years a phrase i once read by marketing expert Seth Godin.

“The best way to motivate a monkey, of course, is to use [a] banana. Whenever the monkey walks into a new situation, all it wants to know is, ‘Where’s the banana?’ If the banana isn’t easy to see…the monkey is going to lose interest.”

seth Godin

Thanks Seth…sage advice.

Make sure your customers can find the banana in each and every part of your online presence.

You can get more of Seth at his website…