Well I am here….what do you want me to do ?

This is perhaps the most common problem i come across in reviewing web sites.

We spend time building a web site, and even more time and money marketing our site. Slowly building a customer base for our brand, goods and services. They arrive in their droves, milling around, not knowing what to do and then leave. Because they don’t know what to do !

Having a poke around on the Internet. There are so many sites and pages. And most of then contain some pretty graphics, a navigation menu and a bunch of links. Now, most of us are smart. We go back to sites we know in search of specific information and will click through until we find what we are looking for.

What if i am new to your business/industry/town or country ? Do you want to assume that I am as smart as you are ?

These new browsing customers are the people that just leave the site and drive up your bounce rate (people clicking out after going nowhere).

The problem is really simple.

What do you want me to do ?

Where is that big arse button/link or graphic that says [GO HERE NEXT]. Driving me further into your site so you can capture information or sales from me ?

Check out your site. Maybe look at your analytics and see from which page customers are leaving you for somebody else.



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